“I became lost of the chore of transforming
Into a raccoon, rifling through discarded clothing. . .”

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Write down three pages, and fuck the linear crap. Bond + brother playing chess at the kitchen table as though somehow my distance is amalgamated with the ticking clock and two beardscruff men focused eyes on a checkered board. Little mutterings whisps and pause to explore another way;  a slurp of tea, lumberjack pants. Clock […]

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I am sitting here waiting to write a letter. Instead I am sitting on couch staring at page pushing pen to lips to teeth until sort of a dull raw twinge begins. I want to tell her something alleged a feeling – getting skittish and when a harsh dig then push comes all my breath […]

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Ways to go, grasshopper.

It’s morning time in Osoyoos. What do you want to do? Meditate and get quiet, write a book. What are you going to do? Wash the dishes n’ drink black coffee, fall back asleep on the porch in the sun. Maggie’s gonna eat that bee, I killed one with an electric bug zapper it went […]

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bic pen

Write it down in shitty bic pen Like the ones on cash at winners Every other shitty retail job you ever had. On the metal bench in the sun by morning macs, Swinging door of endless reels of patrons Schools of fish in an endless sea. How do you feel? Desolate. Waiting to pass and […]

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good morning from phone world

Beautiful person. In the night I laid awake, Talking and turning. Dismantling my sanity. Shimmering flecks of myself Reflecting, basking in her glow. She says she sees me, A long lost inkling of a tiny being. My parts, last parts, are treacherous precarious On the cusp of emancipating. I wanted to keep one for just […]

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