There were stale cookies
And/Or the rolled up bodies of dead sugar ants
For breakfast lunch and dinner

I was exhausted

I thought of fighting her like a kitten
All hisses then GNASH!
I would throw her into the wall
Laughing, sinking my white teeth in

Press her forehead up onto a magnet
Until all the poles reset

I would step on _all_ her spiders.

I became lost of the chore of transforming
Into a raccoon, rifling through discarded clothing
Wrapped up in a warmish sweater
Smelling like a dreamgirl

I thought heartbreakingly
Of those nights in the bedroom
We stayed up to watch him sleep
Exchanging pixie dust and exorcisms
Calling out the gypsy curse.

Forever friendly smokers, sisters, twinkins.

Fuck you,
Whatever man!
Get bent.