Vagina For Sale

Every day the self-fulfills.

Nothing happens
Nothing changes

Evidently, the faults of this lifetime.

Wretched, open, transforming chasms.

A woman existing, all over.
Except for sitting.
Except for waiting.

I have this stupid cardboard party hat.
Elastic chin strapping.
Faux enthusiasm.

Some dick needs sucking
Every month, or so.

Death I think, is the only parenthesis

Disgusting, wasting, losing,

An idiot.
Surrounded by idiots.
Raising idiots.

This cool blue vagina:

Blushes for no one.
Tosses salad.
Devils eggs.
Oozes disdain .
Masturbates alone.

It feels like rolling over
Atop long dead love making.
It feels like cold wet sheets
Bleached, sweating, doubling.

It feels like part of the problem.